look what we have been doing in digital leaders…….

One of my favourite things we have done in digital leaders  is go to the RM centre on a trip. (The RM centre is located in Oxford) We met up with Bridgewater Primary school and got to know their digital leaders. We then got on the coach and it took a very long time to get there but we all chatted to each other and it kept us occupied. When we got there we noticed a pigeon which was trapped inside, and it kept flying into the window which was hysterical!! When we got inside we had the challenge of making an app which had to be about our school and would tell new pupils all about it.

In the end it was really fun but sadly we didn’t get the app finished but we were given a memory stick with the work on so we could finish it when we got back to our school, Simon de Senlis.

By Hannah Hilton

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what we have learnt in digital leaders

This year with digital leaders we have taken part in  a lot of inspirational lessons. We have been on brilliant trips like the RM centre and we learnt much from this!  It was nice when we met up with other schools and shared our ideas together. it was great because we could make are own apps how cool is that ? Not that long ago year 5 and 6 were labelling the windows 8 devices and then putting them is the correct slots.  Year 5 have been labelling laptops, netbooks, iPads’ also we labelled there containers. Then we did the teachers laptops and apple computers to upload the cloud, what we did was type in a long email then enter it and the teachers would have to type in there username and password. Now and then we have little assemblies to share what we will be doing during the week and maybe we would do a PowerPoint / slideshow.

Today we got our own usernames and passwords to have are own account to the blog. YAY !!


BY  tilli warren YEAR 5 DYSON 🙂

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what we have learnt with digital leaders

This year with digital leaders we have taken  part in a lot of inspirational lessons.

We have been on a amazing, exciting trip to the wonderful RM centre! When we were there we learnt how to make our own apps how amazing is that! VERY! It was so awesome.

Then the year fives labelled all iPad’s , netbooks, laptops and their containers. Also Lucy (which is me), Luke and Tilli deleted the un educational games on the iPad’s and downloaded the educational yet fun apps.

Usually, we do have cool meetings with Miss Coade and the year sixes.

Today, we were given our own users for the digital leaders blog yay.

I love digital leaders.

By Lucy Brooks yr5 dyson


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passwords and usernames

Recently we have been given special passwords and usernames to access our digital leader blogs. By having these passwords and usernames, we can post anything on the blogs (as long as it’s appropriate)! We look at comments that people post, change our profiles and reply to children and adults. We can go on our accounts at any time. We can post things at home or at school. Keep an eye on our blog and see if you can spot any posts posted by us.

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Pizza app

Make a pizza app!!!!!!

We have chosen this app because it is good for all ages. What you need to do is:

Choose your pizza

Make the base of the pizza

Roll the Dow of the base

Put the sauce and the topping of the the pizza

You put the pizza in the oven

Then add more sauce and toppings on

Then you eat

By RYAN,Louise and George

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iPad review

I am reviewing dash of coulor. Dash of coulor is an app that you can take a picture and add special effect to make it look cool. Dash of coulor has a variety of different effect that you can use. You can use your finger to add coulor where you want it to so you don’t have to have coulor everywhere. On the free version you can use 3 different effects but if you upgrade to the full version you can use upto 20 different effects. The app can also edit pictures that you take so you can make something that is real into something that is not real to surprise your friends and family

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Maths wiz

Maths wiz helps you in your speed and knowledge in addition , subtraction , division and multiplying. There are different challenges that showcase your skills and you can become more confident with the areas your not so confident with. You do have a time limit that can put you off but it’s better because it shows your strengths and your weaknesses in maths. It tells you how many you got correct and how many you got incorrect. All together you have to answer 20 questions in 4 minutes and 59 seconds. It’s not hard but it is also not so easy.

By saida

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Windows 8 device reviews

Our digital leaders have been very busy over the last couple of weeks reviewing a number of Windows 8 devices. Below is a summary of their findings and a comparison of the different models as well as their features – super work guys!




Think Pad



The Dell tablet is light and very easy to carry around school. This is useful for when we are going outside and taking pictures. It is a flat screen with a matt finish on the back which means it is easier to hold in your hands.

The ThinkPad is quite hard to manage because of its size so it is difficult to carry around. When using this we want to be able to take it outside, but with this device it is too big, especially for younger children in key stage 2.

The Acer is very portable as it gives you the option of a tablet and a laptop. It is the smallest of the three which means that it is light and easy to carry around the school.


We do not think that the touchscreen is as sensitive as the other models we are looking at. It has a thick black border which is wasted space.

On the ThinkPad the touchscreen was not sensitive so it was really hard to use to get back to the home screen. We made a few mistakes when navigating around the screen. It is improved however by the stylus that it comes with.

The touchscreen is a manageable size for a child to use around school. It is also sensitive enough to click onto the apps.   The mouse on the keypad is too sensitive and you really have to concentrate when using it.


Because of the big border, we feel that the tablet is too big for younger children to use. It does not fit easily into our hands.

The weight is light and easy to carry around.

The ThinkPad is very heavy so it is hard to carry around.  The size of the ThinkPad is very large and doesn’t fit into our hands easily. It has the same size screen as the Dell but a much smaller blank border around the edge.

It is a manageable to carry around and when you take the tablet off it is light.

However it is hard to open and you have to put it onto the table and open it with two hands.

Accessories connection

There was no keyboard provided so we could not test and review the connection.

The tablet can come of really easily and it is very flimsy which a negative feature. If this device fell off then it could break.  The weight of the tablet is too heavy for the keypad and easily falls back when using the touchscreen

We thought this device had the best accessory connection because it has a secure lock on the keyboard. This means that it is harder to remove the tablet and more suitable for when transporting around the school.


There was no keyboard provided so we could not test and review it against the others provided

The keyboard for the ThinkPad has a mouse in the middle which is hard to operate. It gets frustrating when typing because you can easily knock the mouse easily. It does however have a right and left mouse click which is useful.

The mouse is very irritating because the keys for the left and right are together which is confusing when we are trying to use it.

The mouse is also very sensitive.

Marks out of ten



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QuickMath Windows 8 Review – Vikesh

I am reviewing the Windows 8 app ‘QuickMath’. It is a simple app for improving your calculation knowledge and recall. It presents you with a calculation two odd numbers from 0 to 99 which you have to multiply. After you submit the result the app shows if your answer was correct or wrong. A perfect workout for your brain cells!


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Wordament – Windows 8 app review by Vikesh

I am reviewing a Windows 8 app called Wordament

There is a 4 by 4 grid with sixteen letters and you have to find as many words as you can –  there are over 100 words in each grid! It is a unique and highly addictive word game. It consists of a two minute long word tournament which you can compete in real time on the same board against everyone else currently playing. Each board is unique and alternating rounds offer challenges such as two and three letter diagram tiles and themed puzzles. You can choose to go for the bonus points, try to find the most words possible or earn score bonus’ by finding longer words. How you play and choose to compete is up to you! This can be used in the classroom by helping children with their spelling and increase their vocabulary which can be used in their writing.

By Vikesh

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