Look what has just arrived!

Posted by on April 21, 2013

The digital leaders are super excited by the latest delivery to Simon de Senlis! We can’t wait to start exploring Windows 8 and are already starting to think about how it can help us learn in school. Vikesh has already got started with his review of the National Geographic APP which you can read in the post below!

Watch this space!

The Digital Leaders


4 Responses to Look what has just arrived!

  1. Samuel from bridgewater primany

    When we were scrowling through this website, I looked at the Windows 8 laptop I thought you must do some quite exiting stuff which in our school we could use.

    I did just want to ask, is this for your class or teacher?

    From Samuel 🙂

  2. Izzy from Bridgewater

    That is really cool!! What are you going to use it for? At Bridgewater we have ipads; We use these for mainly learning apps but we also take pictures with it.

  3. lucy

    Wow they look very good and that they can do a lot more than normal computers I have seen the advertised on TV, hope you enjoy using them.

  4. Abbie from digital leaders Brigwater

    wow you should come to our school one time we have 30 ipads and 30 laptops you might be able to explore on them too. So we have got about the same amount of technoleghy.

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