Windows 8 device reviews

Posted by on May 6, 2013

Our digital leaders have been very busy over the last couple of weeks reviewing a number of Windows 8 devices. Below is a summary of their findings and a comparison of the different models as well as their features – super work guys!




Think Pad



The Dell tablet is light and very easy to carry around school. This is useful for when we are going outside and taking pictures. It is a flat screen with a matt finish on the back which means it is easier to hold in your hands.

The ThinkPad is quite hard to manage because of its size so it is difficult to carry around. When using this we want to be able to take it outside, but with this device it is too big, especially for younger children in key stage 2.

The Acer is very portable as it gives you the option of a tablet and a laptop. It is the smallest of the three which means that it is light and easy to carry around the school.


We do not think that the touchscreen is as sensitive as the other models we are looking at. It has a thick black border which is wasted space.

On the ThinkPad the touchscreen was not sensitive so it was really hard to use to get back to the home screen. We made a few mistakes when navigating around the screen. It is improved however by the stylus that it comes with.

The touchscreen is a manageable size for a child to use around school. It is also sensitive enough to click onto the apps.   The mouse on the keypad is too sensitive and you really have to concentrate when using it.


Because of the big border, we feel that the tablet is too big for younger children to use. It does not fit easily into our hands.

The weight is light and easy to carry around.

The ThinkPad is very heavy so it is hard to carry around.  The size of the ThinkPad is very large and doesn’t fit into our hands easily. It has the same size screen as the Dell but a much smaller blank border around the edge.

It is a manageable to carry around and when you take the tablet off it is light.

However it is hard to open and you have to put it onto the table and open it with two hands.

Accessories connection

There was no keyboard provided so we could not test and review the connection.

The tablet can come of really easily and it is very flimsy which a negative feature. If this device fell off then it could break.  The weight of the tablet is too heavy for the keypad and easily falls back when using the touchscreen

We thought this device had the best accessory connection because it has a secure lock on the keyboard. This means that it is harder to remove the tablet and more suitable for when transporting around the school.


There was no keyboard provided so we could not test and review it against the others provided

The keyboard for the ThinkPad has a mouse in the middle which is hard to operate. It gets frustrating when typing because you can easily knock the mouse easily. It does however have a right and left mouse click which is useful.

The mouse is very irritating because the keys for the left and right are together which is confusing when we are trying to use it.

The mouse is also very sensitive.

Marks out of ten




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  1. Miss Ramm

    Wow- this is an amazing piece of work. I am so impressed with the research and effort that has gone into making such a detailed and helpful review. How would you improve the Thinkpad to transform it from a 5/10 device to a 10/10 device?!

    I cannot wait to see what you do next. #wonderfuldigitalleaders!

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