iPad review

Posted by on May 21, 2013

I am reviewing dash of coulor. Dash of coulor is an app that you can take a picture and add special effect to make it look cool. Dash of coulor has a variety of different effect that you can use. You can use your finger to add coulor where you want it to so you don’t have to have coulor everywhere. On the free version you can use 3 different effects but if you upgrade to the full version you can use upto 20 different effects. The app can also edit pictures that you take so you can make something that is real into something that is not real to surprise your friends and family

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  1. Ben

    i am from bridgewater primary school i think you have been working very hard and that your teachers are extremely proud with you i definitely want to try it out,what is the app called? what app will recommend as your best?

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