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Posted by on May 21, 2013

Make a pizza app!!!!!!

We have chosen this app because it is good for all ages. What you need to do is:

Choose your pizza

Make the base of the pizza

Roll the Dow of the base

Put the sauce and the topping of the the pizza

You put the pizza in the oven

Then add more sauce and toppings on

Then you eat

By RYAN,Louise and George

3 Responses to Pizza app

  1. lucy

    I like how you put the instructions of how to make and i love how you put then you eat. Even better if you tell the people how to get the app.

  2. Anastasia from bridgewater primany

    I was looking at your website and came across the Pizza App.
    So I stopped and read what it was about and it looked so fun to do.

    Do you mind If I magpie it for our class?
    How long and when do you go on it?

    From Anastasia

  3. Benjamin

    very cool app can you get pizza?

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