what we have learnt in digital leaders

Posted by on March 17, 2014

This year with digital leaders we have taken part in  a lot of inspirational lessons. We have been on brilliant trips like the RM centre and we learnt much from this!  It was nice when we met up with other schools and shared our ideas together. it was great because we could make are own apps how cool is that ? Not that long ago year 5 and 6 were labelling the windows 8 devices and then putting them is the correct slots.  Year 5 have been labelling laptops, netbooks, iPads’ also we labelled there containers. Then we did the teachers laptops and apple computers to upload the cloud, what we did was type in a long email then enter it and the teachers would have to type in there username and password. Now and then we have little assemblies to share what we will be doing during the week and maybe we would do a PowerPoint / slideshow.

Today we got our own usernames and passwords to have are own account to the blog. YAY !!


BY  tilli warren YEAR 5 DYSON 🙂

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  1. Lucy Brooks

    That’s a lovely post about digital leaders Tilli you will definatly be a amazing writer one day!

  2. tilli


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