what we have learnt with digital leaders

Posted by on March 17, 2014

This year with digital leaders we have taken  part in a lot of inspirational lessons.

We have been on a amazing, exciting trip to the wonderful RM centre! When we were there we learnt how to make our own apps how amazing is that! VERY! It was so awesome.

Then the year fives labelled all iPad’s , netbooks, laptops and their containers. Also Lucy (which is me), Luke and Tilli deleted the un educational games on the iPad’s and downloaded the educational yet fun apps.

Usually, we do have cool meetings with Miss Coade and the year sixes.

Today, we were given our own users for the digital leaders blog yay.

I love digital leaders.

By Lucy Brooks yr5 dyson


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  1. tilli warren

    brilliant Lucy you have wrote lovely things about digital leaders ! great blog 🙂

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