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Pizza app

Make a pizza app!!!!!! We have chosen this app because it is good for all ages. What you need to do is: Choose your pizza Make the base of the pizza Roll the Dow of the base Put the sauce and the topping of the the pizza You put the pizza in the oven Then … Continue reading »

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iPad review

I am reviewing dash of coulor. Dash of coulor is an app that you can take a picture and add special effect to make it look cool. Dash of coulor has a variety of different effect that you can use. You can use your finger to add coulor where you want it to so you … Continue reading »

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Maths wiz

Maths wiz helps you in your speed and knowledge in addition , subtraction , division and multiplying. There are different challenges that showcase your skills and you can become more confident with the areas your not so confident with. You do have a time limit that can put you off but it’s better because it … Continue reading »

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Windows 8 device reviews

Our digital leaders have been very busy over the last couple of weeks reviewing a number of Windows 8 devices. Below is a summary of their findings and a comparison of the different models as well as their features – super work guys!     Dell Think Pad Acer Portability The Dell tablet is light and very … Continue reading »

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QuickMath Windows 8 Review – Vikesh

I am reviewing the Windows 8 app ‘QuickMath’. It is a simple app for improving your calculation knowledge and recall. It presents you with a calculation two odd numbers from 0 to 99 which you have to multiply. After you submit the result the app shows if your answer was correct or wrong. A perfect … Continue reading »

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Wordament – Windows 8 app review by Vikesh

I am reviewing a Windows 8 app called Wordament There is a 4 by 4 grid with sixteen letters and you have to find as many words as you can –  there are over 100 words in each grid! It is a unique and highly addictive word game. It consists of a two minute long … Continue reading »

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Digital Leader badges

Keep an eye out for the SDS Digital Leaders around school wearing these fabulous new badges!    

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Look what has just arrived!

The digital leaders are super excited by the latest delivery to Simon de Senlis! We can’t wait to start exploring Windows 8 and are already starting to think about how it can help us learn in school. Vikesh has already got started with his review of the National Geographic APP which you can read in … Continue reading »

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Review of Window 8 Devices

Below is a letter that the Digital Leaders wrote to Governors with their opinions on two Window 8 devices after researching their different features.   Dear Governors, We are writing to you to inform you of the Windows 8 device we would recommend purchasing for the school. After researching several options we have decided the … Continue reading »

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My Windows 8 app review – Vikesh

I am reviewing National Geographic Windows 8 app. This app is good for carrying out research on animals and other living things. It has daily news and top stories from around the world which children will really enjoy reading and learning about. Today when I went onto the app it had a story about a … Continue reading »

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